What are Skin Boosters?

An injectable moisturiser treatment to target dull complexion, fine lines, and dehydrated skin aiming to restore hydration, luminosity and tone without adjusting facial structure – so it serves a different purpose than dermal fillers. It consists of a high concentration of natural and free hyaluronic acid plus a combination of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – all of which are naturally present in our skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in our skin that works to gradually rejuvenate the skin, restore intense hydration, improve skin elasticity and texture.

The main role of hyaluronic acid is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. As we age, our natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminish. The stabilised form of hyaluronic acid in skin boosters is able to gradually improve the skin’s quality by replenishing and maintaining natural hydration levels from within, correcting early signs of ageing.

Why have skin boosters?

While traditional dermal fillers replace volume where it has been lost through ageing- building more definition and volume to the face, a course of skin boosters will hydrate from within to improve the overall condition of your skin, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing. Skin boosters have a much finer consistency compared with typical dermal fillers so will help to hydrate but won’t create dramatic volume changes. Skin boosters are more for a subtle refresh all over. Improvement in skin elasticity is noticeable, and develops over a 4 week period leaving you with a natural but noticeably revitalised look to your skin that lasts for up to 12 months.

What areas can be treated with skin boosters?

Skin boosters are able to be used in areas such as the face, neck, hands and décolletage and are often used in conjunction with other anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections as well as skin rejuvenation treatments such as laser, chemical peels or skin needling.

Skin Boosters for Beautiful and Healthy Skin at Skinologie Melbourne Skin Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I see results immediately?

When it comes to your skin boosters treatment, results are progressive – this means that changes in your skin condition are subtle and natural-looking. While you are likely to see benefits immediately, the full effect of the treatment may take up to 4 weeks. A study has shown that, after a course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart, 100% of patients felt their expectations were met. Another study also demonstrated that patients continued to see improvements 6-12 months after their initial treatment. Regular maintenance sessions (approximately 6 to 12 months) are generally recommended to ensure lasting results.

What does the treatment involve?

Our doctor will thoroughly assess the area to ensure you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Skin boosters are administered by injection in to the mid to deep dermis (the underlying layer) of the skin. During the treatment, some patients may experience some discomfort. The injection solution does contain a mild anaesthetic which will help to make the treatment more comfortable.

Is there any downtime?

Post treatment, you may initially experience some mild swelling. This is usually quite subtle and will subside within 24 hours. Bruising is another possible side effect which this can be concealed easily with medical grade corrective makeup. You may also experience some ‘lumps and bumps’ following your treatment, this is normal post treatment and is the product settling. Chances are you will be able to feel it more than you can see it. Lightly massaging the area will help the skin boosters settle quicker.

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