What is an Anti Wrinkle Injection

Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a natural, purified protein commonly referred to as botulinum toxin type A. Anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerve endings that alert our muscles to contract, therefore relaxing the muscle and reducing the formation of dynamic lines overtime. Anti-wrinkle injections are not only fantastic for reducing the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles, but also as a prevention.

BTX A is a natural, purified protein that temporarily relaxes wrinkle-causing facial muscles leaving overlying skin smooth and unwrinkled. This creates a refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance as well as delaying the onset of new lines.

Why have Anti Wrinkle Injections?

The muscles of the face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger. Over time, the repeated movement of these muscles can begin to create the appearance of static lines (the lines we see when our face is at rest), causing fine lines and wrinkles to occur, particularly around the frown area and crows feet. These lines may make you appear angry or worried, even when you are not.

What areas can be treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are most commonly used to treat areas such as frowns, forehead lines and crows feet. They can also be used to create an eyebrow lift, reduce gummy smiles and stop the mouth from pulling downward. Anti-wrinkle injections are not limited to these areas; they can also be used to treat jaw clenching by relaxing the masseter muscle (the muscle that causes us to clench or grind our teeth while we sleep) as well as the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

The effects of anti-wrinkle injections can between 3 and 5 months. Results will vary from person to person due to lifestyle factors, the dosage administered and the strength of the muscle. Studies have shown that anti-wrinkle injections are more effective and last longer when given at regular intervals. If at any time you decide to no longer continue with treatment, your muscles will return to normal and your wrinkling will gradually return to its previous state and will not become worse.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for cosmetic purposes for over 20 years and even longer for medical purposes without reports of any long-term side effects.

It is important to notify your injector of any medications you may be currently taking, both prescription and over-the-counter, are pregnant or intend to become pregnant or breastfeeding as there may be some circumstances where it may not be possible to have anti-wrinkle treatment.

Can I resume normal activities after treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, you may experience some mild erythema (pinkness) and localised swelling (similar to a mosquito bite) in the area treated which usually subsides within the hour post treatment.

You will be able to return to normal activities after your treatment. However, you will be instructed not to exercise, lie down or touch the treated areas for 4 hours immediately post treatment. We advise against all strenuous physical activity for the first 24 hours. It is also important to avoid any active ingredients such as Vitamin A and AHA’s, facial treatments such as laser, chemical peels or skin needling for a minimum of 48 hours post anti-wrinkle treatment unless otherwise instructed by your medical or health professional.

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