What is Cosmelan?

The world’s leading depigmentation treatment, Cosmelan is a unique, multi-ingredient treatment designed to reduce areas of skin discolouration and hyper pigmentation. This is the perfect treatment for particularly stubborn or dense areas of pigment that are a result of sun exposure, acne, ageing and hormone fluctuation, such as melasma. The ideal treatment to clear pigmentation remnants from previous IPL or laser treatments.

How does Cosmelan work? 

Cosmelan uses a blend of ingredients designed to inhibit the production of the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the stimulation of our pigment-producing cells. Combined with ingredients such as retinol and salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, and niacinamide to inhibit the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes, pigmentation will soon begin to fade.

The Cosmelan treatment is a two-step process. The first part involves an in-clinic application of the treatment mask; part two is the continued application of specific Cosmelan products at home. The initial in clinic treatment will take less than an hour. Depending on the level of correction needed, the mask must stay on the skin between eight and twelve hours.

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The suitable candidate for the Cosmelan

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities and all types of pigmentation. The ideal patient will fully understand the Cosmelan process and the requirements for follow up care. This treatment is a three-month program. Candidates will be in overall good health, and hold realistic expectations for their results. Cosmelan is not suited to patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic, have open wounds or are on any blood thinning medication. The benefits and risks of the treatment will be discussed during the initial consultation and assessment.

What happens after the treatment?

You will be instructed on how and when to remove the treatment mask at home. You are provided with a post-care kit which includes all your home maintenance needed for your Cosmelan journey. After the mask has been removed, you will experience erythema (pinkness) and oedema (swelling). Discomfort can easily be controlled by simple analgesia, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and anti-histamines.  For the first day’s post treatment, your skin may feel tight, itchy and be slightly red. Two to three days after the treatment, the skin will begin to flake and peel.

At Skinologie, we include 3 maintenance hydration facials in your Cosmelan package. These facials are performed at weekly intervals, beginning the first week after your Cosmelan treatment.

Cosmelan FAQs

Are there any restrictions on my activity after the treatment? 

Immediately after the treatment mask has been applied in the clinic, it is advised to spend the day indoors, avoiding any exercise or strenuous activity. This is also recommended for the days following the treatment.

Most patients take a week off work at which point they are normally ready to return to work the following week, or as soon as the heavy peeling has passed.

Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided and a full spectrum SPF should be worn at all times.

Due to the resurfacing nature of the cosmelan treatment, it is advised to avoid facial waxing, exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and dermaplaning as well as laser treatments for 3-6 months post treatment.

When will I see results? 

Within a week, you will notice pigmentation beginning to fade, with a brighter and more even complexion coming through. After a couple of weeks, the skin will appear brighter and healthier. These results will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

In order to extend the result over time, it is essential to complete the home care treatment cycle.

For optimal long term results, we recommend continuing with the Cosmelan 2 maintenance cream as your pigment inhibitor.