We are sure you have heard and seen the abundance of beauty rollers online, from jade stone to rose quartz. These on-trend beauty tools are being dubbed the new must haves in your beauty drawer; but do they serve a purpose or just all hype?

Well, what exactly are beauty rollers? While they have been around for years and believed to be incorporated in the Chinese skincare routine, the properties of the stones are a little blurred.

The soothing properties encourage blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage and stimulation; while potentially being beneficial to soothe and reduce inflammation. So far so good, right? With some sources indicating the use of rollers over serums enhances the penetrating abilities of the serum, along with tightening pores and brightening the complexion, these ladder accusations are hard to find definite proof on.

The handheld tool should be referred to as a facial massager. The rollers can be stored in the fridge to further enhance the cooling effects, and can be used daily under moisturisers and even on the décolletage. If de-puffing and lymphatic drainage is what you are after It is important to understand the directions of how to use the roller. Always use the tool with light pressure toward the lymph nodes to optimise the benefits.

So what should you do, use the roller? Or not? The answer is simple; it is up to you. If the soothing properties of mild lymphatic drainage and stimulation appeals to you, go right ahead. But if the enhanced transdermal delivery is what you are after we wouldn’t want you to hold your breath. Focus on cosmeceutical skin care that delivers what they promise, if your skincare routine includes the active serums that address your concerns then there is no need to use a home care tool to further enhance it.

Highly regarded resources such as The Australian College of Dermatologists as well as DermNet NZ don’t have any documented research or information to support the use of beauty rollers and the evidence that prove its ability.

One of the most researched and proven ways for product infusion is achieved through an in-clinic treatment calls Sonophoresis. The modality houses a piso-electric crystal which when supplied with an electrical current produces an acoustic wave. This acoustic waved when combined with a coupling gel allows the active ingredients that are applied onto the skin to infuse, increasing the depth and rate in which the products are being absorbed.

Wondering if Sonophoresis is suitable for you? Book a Tele-Consult with one of our clinicians and we will be able to have a discussion with you on how to personalise a treatment plan based on your skin and you concerns.