7 10, 2020

What Are Beauty Rollers?

We are sure you have heard and seen the abundance of beauty rollers online, from jade stone to rose quartz. These on-trend beauty tools are being dubbed the new must haves in your beauty drawer; but do they serve a purpose or just all hype? Well, what exactly are beauty rollers? While they have been around for years and believed to be incorporated in the Chinese skincare routine, the properties of the stones are a little blurred. The soothing properties encourage blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage and stimulation; while potentially being beneficial to soothe and reduce inflammation. So far so good, right? With some sources indicating the use of rollers over serums enhances the penetrating abilities of the serum, along with tightening pores and brightening the complexion, these ladder accusations are hard to find definite proof on. The handheld tool should be referred to as a facial massager. The rollers can be stored in the fridge to further enhance the cooling effects, and can

8 09, 2020

Antioxidants in Skin Care: What are They and Why are They so Important?

Have ever heard your dermal clinician or doctor talk about antioxidants and how amazing they are for your skin, but not quite understood what all the fuss is about? Well, we are here to explain it. Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (think Vitamins A, C and E to name a few), that protect your skin against free radicals. To better understand antioxidants and why they are so loved among skin care professionals, we need to first understand what free radicals are. Put simply, they are particles in the environment that damage your skin by clinging to your collagen and weakening elasticity. They come from a range of internal and external factors such as stress, sugar, sun exposure and UV radiation as well as things like air pollutants, chemicals, and cigarette smoke – they basically suck the life out of your skin! Fortunately, many studies have shown that by including antioxidants in your skin care regime, your skin will be able to

6 08, 2020

Why your face mask might be causing acne and how to overcome this

The issue with masks... With many of us wearing face coverings for some months now, there is a new term we will be hearing used more regularly, ‘Maskne.’ And it is definitely a thing! So what exactly is ‘Maskne?’ Otherwise known as ‘acne mechanica,’ maskne is characterised by bumps and inflammation in the skin where the mask covers. It is caused by the formation of excess heat, humidity, friction and pressure on the skin from wearing face masks or coverings for extended periods of time – creating the perfect environment for bacteria, yeast and other flora such as demodex mites to grow! Combine this ‘mini facial sauna’ with friction and pressure that obstructs the oil glands and hair follicles, and you have the perfect setting for skin irritation and disruption of the all-too-important barrier function. Why are some people experiencing it more than others? There are certain factors that have been identified to increase the likelihood of maskne or make it worse: wearing

23 07, 2020

How to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing during lockdown 2.0

With most of us working from home at the moment, you might have found yourself analysing your face over Zoom while in a very important meeting (we have all been guilty of this!), or perhaps you are just spending more time assessing your own skin in the mirror and wondering how to bring it back to life; so we thought we’d share with you our top tips to keep your skin hydrated and glowing to get you through this latest iso! If your skin is looking dull, lifeless and tired, or just feeling all-round irritated, there’s a good chance its lacking much needed moisture and that your skins barrier is needing some good old-fashioned TLC. Your skins barrier has an extremely important job – to protect by locking in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and healthy; but if its damaged or compromised, it can cause some real hydration issues. Dr Janet Prystowsky, a NYC based dermatologist explains it perfectly. “Think of your skin


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